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Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum Salicaria Rosy Gem) - This attractive perennial produces a showy display of carmine-colored flower spikes throughout much of the summer. It was introduced to the United States and Canada as an ornamental for wetlands in the 1800s. The Purple Loosestrife flower inhabits reed swamps, margins of lakes and slow-flowing rivers, ditches and marshes. It is an aggressive flower and has spread westward and can be found in all states except for Florida. Please check with your state to make sure Purple Loosestrife is ok to plant in your state. There are many states that prohibit planting Purple Loosestrife. It is still promoted by some horticulturists for its beauty as a landscape plant, and by beekeepers for its nectar-producing capability.

Season: Perennial
USDA Zones: 3 - 9
Height: 48 inches
Bloom Season: Late spring to early fall
Bloom Color: Carmine rose
Environment: Full sun

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