Basil Dark Opal Ornamental Herb Seeds (Ocimum Basilicum) 50+Seeds

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Basil Dark Opal (Ocimum Basilicum Dark Opal) - Start these Basil seeds for both color as well as flavor. This Basil herb variety is called Dark Opal. The leaves have a clove-like spiciness flavor which is a little too strong for pesto but great for almost any basil dish, and it's especially good for vinegars and oils. This old time favorite Dark Opal Sweet Basil herb has been delighting gardeners and foodies alike for decades now. Lots of people grow it for its decorative qualities, but it is a culinary wonder. Use its large glossy, purple leaves with large sliced tomatoes for fun contrast and a perfect flavor match that has been used since the turn of the last century! Dark Opal Basil grows best in full sun, but make sure it is fully protected from wind and the elements.

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